Les InternatioNaturalS
The 1st International Gathering for Nappygirls

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No regulation is done online. The payment procedures will be communicated by email. It's possible to pay up to 9 times for free, before this Monday 26 of October, 2017.

Informations regarding dates, hours, places, and detailed contents will be provided only to attendes who will close their booking. 

THE INDICATED RATES INCLUDE ACCOMODATION, RATES, FOOD AND ACCESS TO THE CONGRESS. Any other personal expense remains the responsability of attendees, as well as costs related to their individual way of transports to reach the event (train, plane, bus, car, ...).

If you don't live in France, or Europe, Nappy De France think about your tickets plane and visas costs to permit you a special offer to participate if you can justify your real adress. Fill correctly the registration forms.


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