Les InternatioNaturalS
The 1st International Gathering for Nappygirls

~ Welcome ~

Throughout an entire weekend, nappygirls will come from several countries around the world and will gather to exit the w, make disappear the borders and discover each other. This project is devoted in order to discover France and to show how nappygirls live their back to natural hair in France. While, evenings are devoted to discover communities visiting countries nappygirls.
For the first edition and probably the second one, France will be the host country. But the project has
to travel and be held every year in a different country, the one will be chosen to be the host.

First participants will be welcomed since on the Thursday evening. And last departures will be able to take place until on the Monday morning.
This weekend will be organized such a congress in a hotel with conference equipments for translation. All nations, countries end  languages are welcome with the minimum quota of three napygirls a country

... And many more !!!

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